Stunning Cross stitch kits and charts from talented designers in the UK

Celtic & Medieval

We started our Celtic series with the knots - which are simple to stitch and produce a very striking result. Pater Noster, inspired by medieval  Celtic illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kells and the  Lindisfarne gospels came next, closely followed by "Pax Vobiscum" which  like many of our designs uses only whole stitches. "Pater Noster", "Pax  Vobiscum" and "Hunting Dog" kits are supplied with 14 or 18 count  parchment coloured aida.

"From Today" and "Herald the New Era" are good looking designs and can  be used to commemorate an anniversary, a wedding or any other event.  Both have space for persolnalising the sampler and both include an  alphabet chart.

Celtic Names samplers. These  designs are created to order. They contain two names of your choice  together with an optional date and make a lovely anniversary sampler.

There are small designs (“Celtic Cross” and “Small Celtic Knot”) that were designed to be used as cards - but they can also be used in coasters or simply used as small pictures. Both are ideal for beginners.