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From Today
From today

From Today compliments our Celtic Series and uses a  lettering style from the past to look forward to the future. It  incorporates two motifs of phoenix rising from the ashes - one looking  back into the past and one looking forward into the future. The sampler  includes a large optional area at the bottom where the stitcher can  include personal details such as their name and the date they started  and finished stitching and full instructions are included.

This design uses mainly whole stitch with backstitch lettering for the  personalisation. This sampler also includes an area at the top to  incorporate a key date. It is available as a complete kit with either 14 or 18 count parchment aida or as a chart only.

Size 8.5" x 9.5" (21.5 cm x 24.3) on 18 count fabric and 10.9" x 12.3" (27.8 cm x 31.2 cm) on 14 count fabric

Kit price 21.50   Chart-only price 5.50