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Loop start

Loop starts are a neat way to start a new strand of thread. They do away with the need to tie knots or run the thread under a few stitches when  starting a new length of thread. They help to make stitching neater and  are excellent for "lone" stitches - ie single stitches in an area of  blank fabric.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Take a single length of thread, double it over (ie fold it in half) and thread both ends through the eye of your needle.

Push the needle down through the fabric (hole 1 in the illustration) and be  careful to leave a loop - ie don't pull the thread right through the  fabric

Pull the needle back up through the diagonally opposite hole (hole 2 in the  illustration) and pass your needle through the loop you left in step 1.  Pull the thread firmly being careful not to stretch the holes in the  fabric

Loop Start

Loop start seen from the back.

Continue stitching normally. (The illustration shows the needle being pushed down through hole 3).