4 Best Hunters You Should Main in Star Wars Hunters: Hero Tiers, Ranked (2024)

In this 5v5 competitive hero shooter, you take control of one out of 13 colorful cast of rag-tag glory chasers. From a disgraced Stormtrooper to a Dark Jedi and grumpy Wookiee, they all brought interesting twists to the arena. Putting aside their role and playstyles, a couple of them shine the brightest and can be picked for any scenario or game mode. But which of the best Hunters of the Outer Rim contestants are worthy to be put into the S tier in Star Wars Hunters?

Star Wars Hunters: Best Hunters Tier List

Before we start discussing the Hunters best strengths and weaknesses, here’s how we place each Star Wars Hunters character in the tier list:

  • S-tier Hunters are very easy to use and can fulfill any role or support teammates effortlessly. Extremely versatile and valuable for any game mode.
  • A-tier Hunters are great picks but will still come short when facing off against S-tier characters.
  • B-tier Hunters can hold their own but can be hard to properly utilize or have vital shortcomings that make them only work in specific situations.
  • C-tier Hunters take too much effort to be worth a play. Might as well main other characters– unless you really like them.

The 4 Best S-Tier Hunters You Should Main

  • Rieve: Compared to other Hunters, she’s a bit squishy but has all the tools to cover her weaknesses. Especially her Crushing Will ultimate which is practically a free team wipe button once you get a drop on targets. Prioritize the hit-and-run tactics and always mind your spacing and surroundings when going in for the kill.
  • Sentinel: Tanky, good ranged and melee damage (with stun effect!), armed with a portable shield, and his ultimate is calling for meatshields? Honestly, there’s almost no reason not to pick Sentinel and unleash chaos all over the enemy team.
  • Skora: The best support healer out of the currently available Hunters. She isn’t just capable of deploying AOE heal and shooting healing darts but also recovers health outside of battle. As long as your teammates have your back, you can help them push objectives without dying.
  • Imara Vex: The best all-rounder character in Star Wars Hunters, an extremely straightforward for an S tier hero. Very easy to use even for beginners, has good damage, and her rockets can travel far. If you’re confident at leading up your shots, you should be able to compete against Diago players.

Other Star Wars Hunters Tiers, Explained

  • A Tier
    • Zaina: Great healing skills and has decent mobility with the roll. Much more straightforward than Skora and more balanced between DPS and support.
    • Diago: Bread and butter sniper character for Star Wars Hunters, the best pick for fans of marksman heroes. High damage and long range, but can be tricky when playing in cramped maps. Plays great in the Death Star arena.
  • B Tier
    • Utooni: Their weird “duo” playstyle might feel awkward at first, but once you get used to it, the Jawa Hunters are a very dangerous combo. Learning how to effectively play keepaway with the Arc Caster and then trap enemies with the Ion Imploder is crucial.
    • J-3DI: Basically plays like a weaker Rieve in terms of damage. Despite the bigger health pool, his kit lacks something to overcome his lower DPS and short attack range.
    • Grozz: High HP and damage, very strong tank, but his size makes you a bigger target. Can be hard to use especially if you missed your aim with his charge Stampede skill. We suggest you learn the map routes first and plan ambushes for a more effective offensive before using this Star Wars Hunters hero.
    • Slingshot: Comes with interesting stats; fast movement when rolling and can soak up damage when deploying shield. However, balancing between the two separate roles can be hard and his Droideka’s damage is somewhat disappointing.
    • Charr: A tanky support, the Star Wars Hunters Trandoshan can pull aggro by disabling enemies and regenerate health from damage taken. Excels in very situational clutch moments and is tough to use in general firefights.
    • Aran Tal: Great mobility with the jetpack and crowd-control abilities as his flamethrower will melt grouped-up enemies. But aside from that, Tal’s dual-blaster pistol DPS is rather lackluster. He shines in Point Capture Mode.
  • C Tier
    • Sprocket: On paper, his skills should be fit for holding up chokepoints. But in practice, Sprocket’s attack and healing drones’ capabilities just aren’t up to par.

Star Wars Hunters is available on Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

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4 Best Hunters You Should Main in Star Wars Hunters: Hero Tiers, Ranked (2024)
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