Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (2024)


  • Forming rare kingdoms in Crusader Kings 3 is a challenging yet satisfying experience for veteran players.
  • Kingdoms like Jerusalem, Livonia, and Trinacria require specific criteria and strategic gameplay to form.
  • New content updates from Paradox Interactive continue to introduce more unique kingdoms to the game.

Forming a kingdom is always a fun challenge to do in Crusader Kings 3. Many players get tired of creating the same kingdoms over and over again, so creating a rare kingdom is a nice way to spice up the Crusader Kings 3 experience.


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Rare kingdoms are difficult to form, with many kingdoms having circ*mstantial requirements or simply being in locations that are generally difficult to conquer in Crusader Kings 3. Getting across the finish line by creating some of the rarer and more interesting kingdoms is worth the time and effort, with the achievement being extremely satisfying, especially for veteran Crusader Kings 3 players.

Updated March 5, 2024 by Henry Whiting: As Paradox continue to add content to Crusader Kings 3, more and more kingdoms are available to be formed, creating even more rare kingdoms. Players can form ancient kingdoms in the future or future kingdoms in the past, creating a world of opportunity in the game.

These rare kingdoms will not be easy to form, with countless enemies surrounding players and specific requirements being needed for certain circ*mstances that allow for kingdoms to be formed. However, forming these rare kingdoms will be cool for players, no matter how much time and effort they take to form.

10 Jerusalem

Highly Disputed Religious Land

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (2)
  • Taking Part in A Crusade Helps With Gaining Jerusalem
  • Must Be A Christian Ruler
  • Expect Many Wars And Battles

A part of the world that sees many battles in Crusader Kings 3 is Jerusalem. As the game's title suggests, many crusades take place here throughout the game, with massive armies descending upon the coastal realm. This is the main difficulty in forming the Kingdom of Jerusalem, as so many other rulers will desire that strip of land and that title.

Players must have their ruler as a Christian ruler and have the regions of Urdunn, Palestine, and Oultrejourdain to form the Kingdon of Jerusalem. Participating in a crusade is a smart move players will want to take to make gaining the Kingdom of Jerusalem easier, although players can form this kingdom independently outside a crusade. If players contribute a lot to a crusade, they will be given the option to form the Kingdom of Jerusalem, but this is quite a challenge as many other Christian rulers will be taking part.

9 Livonia

Latigalian Kingdom Located Around The Baltics

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (3)
  • Located In Northern Europe Next To Estonia
  • Must Have Latigalian Culture
  • Gain Forest Specialist Soldiers Upon Creation

This Baltic kingdom sits in between Estonia and Lithuania, where modern day Latvia is located. Livonia is a very cool kingdom to make, as players get benefits that are unique to that area of the world. Players receive specialist forest soldiers who can be summoned at any time, and a new nickname of either Mother/Father of the Baltics, or Scourge of the Baltics if the ruler doesn't have Baltic heritage.

To form the Kingdom of Livonia, players must have a fame level of Distinguished and must be of Latigalian culture or have Baltic heritage with a Vidilist faith. Estonian rulers will not be able to form Livonia. Players cannot be of a higher ranked title than Duke/duch*ess and must be independent. Finally, players need to hold the entire region of Livonia, which includes the duchies of Latigalians, Courland, and Livonia.

8 Trinacria

The Boot Of Italy

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (4)
  • Located In Southern Italy Near Sicily
  • Must Have Capital In Palermo
  • Surrounded By Many Threats

The kingdom which splits Italy in two at its shoe-like southern half is a very interesting kingdom to form in Crusader King's 3. Players need to be of Latin culture, have at least 10 Learning, have 1500 gold, and have their realm capital be within the Kingdom of Sicily, specifically Palermo for players to receive the Kingdom of Trinacria as opposed to the Kingdom of Naples.

Players also need to have a fame level of Illustrious to perform the "Empower the Sicilian Government" decision, which is the required decision needed to form the Kingdom of Trinacria. This kingdom is located between the northern Italian states and the mighty Byzantine Empire, along with many of the Middle Eastern kingdoms and empires from the south likely to attack, making this task very difficult.

7 Sultanate Of Rum

Sunni Muslim Kingdom In Anatolia

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (5)
  • Located Between Byzantine And Seljuk Realms
  • Of Sunni Muslim Religion
  • Must Have Illustrious Fame

The Sultanate of Rum is an interesting kingdom to form, with its location near the boundaries of the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuk Empire, the Arab nations, and the Persian nations. In history, the Sultanate of Rum was founded by vassals of the Seljuk Empire, with Rum being involved as adversaries in the three famous crusades by the Christian powers into Jerusalem.

Rum is formed in Crusader Kings 3 through a number of requirements. Players must control and have their capital city within the Asia Minor region; players must have an Islamic character, have their character's level of fame be at least "Illustrious," have the Devoted Servant trait, and must be an independent ruler or have a liege who follows Islam. Players should make sure to not have a title already higher than King or Queen, or be a vassal of the Byzantine Empire, as this makes forming the Sultanate of Rum impossible.

6 Mann And The Isles

Rare Kingdom Among The British Isles

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (6)
  • Strong Army Boost Once Formed
  • Part Of The Northern Lords DLC
  • Grants The Legacy Of Piracy Modifier

The Isle of Man, or Mon, is located between the north of both Ireland and England, a location which has been fiercely contested throughout time. Although the Isle of Man is a very small island, it can be the birthplace of the rather cool Kingdom of Mann and the Isles. Part of the Northern Lords DLC, the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles has some unique benefits upon formation, with players receiving 5000 levies, 1000 Jomsviking pirates, 1000 Bondi soldiers, and 500 Varangian veterans automatically.


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This kingdom additionally grants players the "Legacy of Piracy" modifier for their dynasty, allowing players to raid and sail in major rivers. This modifier also halves the embarkation cost while doubling the raid speed. Another modifier players will gain from forming this kingdom is "The Stolen City" modifier, which decreases build time by -200% and build costs by -50%. The final benefit is that the player receives the nickname choice of either "The Terrible" or "The Great." To form the Mann and the Isles kingdom, players must be a Viking of North Germanic or Norman culture, be the Count and Duke of the Isle of Man, while also having the "Living Legend" fame level.

5 Baleo-Tyrrhenia

Mediterranean Island Kingdom

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (8)
  • Surprisingly Powerful Kingdom
  • Part Of The Fate Of Iberia DLC
  • Opens Up Many War Opportunities

Part of the Fate Of Iberia DLC, the Kingdom of Baleo-Tyrrhenia spreads across the Mediterranean, engulfing the duchies of Sicily, Corsica, Mallorca, and Sardinia. This kingdom is surprisingly rather powerful once formed, with Sardinia, in particular, being a good launchpad for expanding south towards Africa or to the east with Italy and the Byzantine Empire.

Forming the Kingdom of Baleo-Tyrrhenia grants players the Mediterranean Conquest casus belli, letting the player conquer any realm that resides along the Mediterranean shores. This means players can declare war against any of the Mediterranean counties without having to wait for their councilors to press a claim, which usually takes many months or years. To form the Kingdom of Baleo-Tyrrhenia, players must simply control the duchies of Sicily, Corsica, Mallorca, and Sardinia.

4 Bene-Israel

Judaism-Based Kingdom In India

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (9)
  • Bene-Israelite Group Originated In India
  • Difficult To Form As Judaism Not Common In India
  • Realm Capital Must Be In India

The Kingdom of Bene-Israel is essentially India, where Malabarism, which is an interpretation of Judaism from the Malabar region, is dominant. It's an interesting challenge for players as it is an alternative history that could've actually happened, with the Bene-Israelis being a legitimate group in India throughout history. This kingdom is quite difficult to form as there are not many rulers around India that follow Malabarism in CK3, so players will most likely need to convert their chosen ruler.

Having a Malabarism following character is a requirement for forming the Kingdom of Bene-Israel, along with players having to control the duchies of Chera Nadu and Konkana. Players must have a piety level of "Devoted Servant," while also having their realm capital in the region of India.

3 Danelaw

A Real-Life Situation That Occurred

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (10)
  • A Viking-Ruled Realm In Northern England
  • Actually Happened In The Late 800's
  • Launchpad For A Complete Viking England

The Viking raids of England and the British Isles are some of the most famous conflicts of all time. However, in Crusader Kings 3, players can end the conflict for a while by forming Danelaw in England. This kingdom is unique as it requires players to negotiate with the neighbors of the claimed Viking land in England. Upon acceptance of Danelaw from the West Germanic or Brythonic neighboring ruler in England, two kingdoms are created: the Kingdom of Danelaw and the Kingdom of England.


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Players need to have a tribal government while having at least "Distinguished" as their fame level. Players must be a Count or Duke who controls two Duchies which are de jure to the Kingdom of England region, along with having their realm capital within the Kingdom of England region. Once formed, the Kingdoms of Danelaw and England enter a truce for 25 years, meaning that if the players' counterpart in this negotiation is loyal to their word, then the players' kingdom will be safe from any local threat.

2 Switzerland

Heavily Disputed Location Makes Forming Switzerland Difficult

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (12)
  • Located Around Strong Opponents
  • Ruler Must Be Of Central Germanic, Latin, Or Frankish Culture
  • Must Be A Duke, duch*ess, Or Lower

The Kingdom of Switzerland is quite an odd kingdom to form as players must be part of an empire and cannot have any title which is higher than Duke or duch*ess. Forming the kingdom seems relatively simple when looking at the requirements. However, with Switzerland sitting just above the ever-changing Italy and below such contested realms like Burgundy, France, and Lotharingia, players will have to win many battles and fend off large threats.

Players must control the Duchies of Currezia and Transjurania while having a level of fame that is at least "Illustrious." Players must also have a liege who holds any empire title, so starting as a Duke or duch*ess of a nearby empire is a good idea for making this challenge more straightforward. The final requirement is the players' character must have a Central Germanic, Latin, or Frankish culture.

1 Fashion

Realms Are Temporary, But Style Is Permanent

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Rarest Formable Kingdoms (13)
  • Built On Style And Swag
  • Part Of The Fashion Of The Abbasid DLC
  • Must Control Milan

A kingdom that is purely based on how stylish players' characters are, the Kingdom of Fashion is a fun and extremely rare formable kingdom that can only be formed if players have the Fashion Of The Abbasid DLC. This kingdom is available to any realm of any culture or faith, so long as the player has control of its de jure capital of Milan, a place renowned for style.

The Kingdom of Fashion seems to be quite inconsistent with appearing as a formable option for players, with it being more of a lucky event to receive than it having a set list of requirements. The only requirement is that players must own and control Milan.

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