'Dexter: New Blood' finale shocker: Breaking down the big deaths as series set Showtime records (2024)

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Spoiler alert: This story contains details from the finale of Showtime's "Dexter: New Blood," now streaming.

"Dexter" fans were disappointed with the infamously ambiguous ending to Michael C. Hall's serial-killer vigilante series in 2013, after eight seasons.

Hall made it a mission to right this wrong with his return in Showtime's"Dexter: New Blood"after an eight-year break.

With Sunday's finale, the10-episode limited series broke Showtime ratings records, averaging over 8 million weekly viewers across all platforms.

Additionally, we're sure that Hallsucceeded in bringing an absolutely unequivocal ending to Dexter Morgan in the "New Blood" season finale on Sunday.

Dead sure.

"I'mjust gonna saythree words because it's not like thatwas all a dream or anything like that," says executive producer Clyde Phillips. "Dexter is dead."

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That's right:Dexter Morgan, who started a new life in upstate Iron Lake, New York, posing as regular guy Jim Lindsay, lay fully deceased in a poolof his own blood at theend of Sunday's finale, "Sins of the Father," that puts this chapter of thefranchise to rest permanently.

On the other end of the riflewas Dexter's own son, Harrison (Jack Alcott).

"I can't think, in the history of television, there's ever been a redo to a much-maligned finale," says Phillips. "Wegot a chance to give Dexterthe right send-off."

Why Dexter had to die

The previous run ended with Dexter mercifully pulling the plug on sister Deb(Jennifer Carpenter),dumpingher body in the ocean and drivinghis boat into the eye of a hurricane to certain death. His rationale was to keep loved onesfrom getting hurt anymore,including Harrison. But thatending also revealed Dexterfaked his own death and began living as a lumberjack in Oregon.

Grown Harrison tracked down his father in upstate New York in the "New Blood"season and, as the title suggests, began following in his father's killer footsteps. Dexter became a fatherly guide to Harrison's own"dark passenger" killing side. The two even started hatching dreams of being a vigilante serial killing team in a new town.

But that was before Dexter was arrestedby his increasingly suspicious girlfriend and police chief, Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), who discovered his true identity and was about to bring down the legal hammer. To escape from his jail cell, Dexter was forced to kill the key-carrying Sergeant Logan (Alano Miller), who was also Harrison's mentoring wrestling coach. Small-town problems.

Logan's death was too much for Harrison, who decided he would not escape with his fleeing father, but rather stop him. Dexter, close to freedom, also realized he was irredeemable. According to Phillips, itwas Hall's idea to have Dexter remind Harrison how to take off the safety on the rifle.

"Dexter says, 'This is the only way out. For the both of us.'And thenshows him the kill spot on his chest," says Phillips. Harrison fires and Dexter falls into the snow.

The writers and Hall had planned to kill off the character early on in the revival season."It wasdetermined that Dexter must die," Phillips says. "We can't turn Dexter into a superhero getting out of impossible jams every season.Ithas to end, viscerally and inevitably."

The death signifies the first time the psychopath is "feeling love, and it's for his son and that's as human as he's ever been."

The final moment sees Deb, an increasingly active part of Dexter's fraying imagination, pulling her hand away from her dying brother. This wasCarpenter's idea. "She said,'Deb isthe core of his brain that's still alive. If I pull away, then that's his life leaving him,' " says Phillips.

Will there be a new 'Dexter'?

In the final moments, Harrison drives out of town and listensto the letter his father had written explaining his departure at the end of the original series, and how difficult it was to leave his son.

"Dexter talks about his son being his 'phantom limb,' " says Phillips. "His final words are both human and loving."

Whether Harrison reverts to followingin his father's foreboding killer footsteps– or continues to turnaway from his darktendencies –is the franchise's lingering mystery.

"I would love to define that question,given the opportunity," says Phillips, who is eager for a spinoff franchise series on Harrison.

He insists any follow-up will not involve a live Dexter. This death will stick."We're not gonna pull a fast one on the audience. I have too much respect and gratitude for them."

Showtime's President of EntertainmentGary Levine would not comment on the future of the franchise, or any new franchise with Harrison.

"' Dexter: New Blood' is a limited series and any further discussions ofDexterwill have to wait until we finish airing the limited series and see where we are with our stories and our characters,” Levine said in a statement last week.

While fans howled about the original series finale, Phillips predictsfans will be disturbed in a different waywith Sunday's ending.

"They've fallen in love with the showand want more and more seasons," he says. "Many viewers will be disappointed that Dexter is indeed dead."

'Dexter: New Blood' finale shocker: Breaking down the big deaths as series set Showtime records (2024)
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