PSX-P Compatibility List Updated and Sorted by mcshortcut (2024)

September 26th, 2006, 00:09 Posted By: mcshortcut

Compatibility List (updated, sorted and colored by mcshortcut, Compiled by Zion)

Note from Zion - Please check if the game hasnt been submitted/in the list already before you post its compatibilty status.... And Please post PAL/NTSC

List based on PSX-P Alpha 1 and now updated to Alpha 2

This List is !!NOT!! for PS1P Alpha (by AC).007 Racing - Black ScreenAce Combat : Elektrosphere - Sends back to XMB
Air Combat - Black screen, turns off
Aqua - gets to loading screen and stops at end of load
Armored Core - works, unplayable slow
Asteroids - Black screen but PSP doesn't shut offBatman Forever - loads fine and plays
Battle Arena Toshinden - Boots Up and gets into game but no player graphics in game
Battletanx Global Assult (NTSC) - doesn't load
Beyond The Beyond - Freezes after the "Sony Computer Entertainment America" screen
Biohazard: Gun Survivor - Works but hard to play without gun.
Blasto (NTSC) - Gets to "trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment....." message, then shuts off the psp
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain -ISO, doesn't even boot. Freezes on game seection screen.
Bloody Roar - doesn't load, turns off psp
Board Game: Top Shop (NTSC) - Gets to the "Press Start" screen. After that, black screen and power off
Brave Fencer mushashi - works slow
Breath of fire 3 - crashed the psp
Breath Of Fire 4 - works as iso, crashes as bin
Bushido Blade - works slow
Bust A Groove 2 - starts then goes black
Bust A Move 3 - Works
Bust a Move 4 - works but runs really slowCastlevania Sotn - Freezes after Konami Logo
Chrono Cross - Works slow, weird graphics[/COLOR]
Circuit Breakers - Loads, Game doesnt start
Clock Tower 2 (NTSC, img file) - returns to XMB
Colin McRae Rally (PAL) - Works slow (1-3 fps)
Command & Conquer Red Alert - black screen
Command and Conquer Retaliation - Blank Screen
Cool Boarders 3 - black screen
Cowboy Bebop - freeze the psp after start menu
Crash 2 - Black screen, PSP shuts off
Crash 2 - works only if its the 3-in-1 iso
Crash Bandicoot - works
Crash Bandicoot 3 - Freeze at Main Menu
Crash Bash - works[/COLOR]
Crash Team Racing - Freeze at loading screen
Croc (Legend of the Gobbos) - Works, albeit slowly.
Cyber Sled - black screenDarkstalkers 3 - crashes instanly and turns off psp
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (NTSC) - Black Screen
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Beta (NTSC) - Works Slow (2-5 Fps, some nearly unnoticeable graphical glitches)
Dead In The Water - goes through a couple of in game screens then crashes
Dead or Alive - Shut down after Character Select
Deception - loads to Tecmo intro screen and then shuts off
Deception 3 - runs real good until the loading screen after selecting the characters name, right before the story cg starts. Freezes.
Destruction Derby 2 - Black Screen
Die Hard Trilogy (PAL) - Crashes after Fox and Probe Logo before Main Menu (in Alpha 2 crash after 1st Piracy screen)
Digimon World - works slow
Digimon World3 - works slow
Discworld - works slowly
Dragonball Final Bout - Shows anti-piracy message, then black screen and PSP shuts off
Dragon valor - Works at playable speed
Driver - Freezes whene you just start to drive around
Driver2 - Boots, but freezes because of drawdistance glitchEarthworm Jim 2 - works slow
Eternal Eyes (NTSC) - Shows Loading Screen, then turns itself offFelony 11-79 - works but words are screwed but read-able
Final Fantasy 6- doesn't boot
Final Fantasy 7 - Works slow but playable
Final Fantasy 8 - shows "Square Electronic Arts L.L.C." & Main menu, Game freezes when new game selected
Final Fantasy 9 - works with graphical glitches, playable. maybe crash after new game
Final Fantasy Tactics - works since Alpha 2, about 2/3 speed
Front mission 3 - works slow
Futurecop LAPD - gets to first screen then crashesGekido - Works slow
Ghost in the Shell - doesn't load. Freezes on game selection screen
Grandia - runs opening logos slow; you can skip them by pressing Start; after you select New Game, it shuts off
Gran Turismo - Works slow
Gran Turismo 2 - crashes after "Cars included in this game may be different from the.. screen"
GTA 1 - Works
GTA 2 - Gets to Loading Screen then Crashes
Guardian's Crusade (NTSC) - shows Loading Screen, then turns itself off
Gundam Battle Assault - Freeze after Bandai Screen
Gunship - Black Screen, Shuts offHarvest Moon - freezes at emulator menu
Hogs Of War - Loads title screen, crashes
Hugo Black Diamond Fever - Works
Hydro Thunder - working but real slow

Intelligent Qube - Shows SCEA logo, then black screen

International Karate - work but slow
International Superstar Soccer - exits menu to a black screen and stays there
International Superstar Soccer Pro - works!! but fuzzy writing and slowJammer Lammy - Game doesn't load, black screen.
Jet Moto 2 - Works slow
Jumping Flash 2 - Shows anti-piracy message, then black screen and PSP shuts offKing's Field - Won't load, just crashes
King's Field II - Won't load, just crashes
Klonoa - Gets to title screen
Knockout Kings 2000 - Dont load
Koudelka disk 1 - crashes and shuts off psp instantly
Kula World - Don't load, psp don't crashLegacy Of Kain Soul Reaver - Crashes
Legend of dragoon - Works nearly fullspeed
Le Mans 24 Hours - Working
Lemmings - Black screen, PSP shuts off
Libero Grande - Works
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete - Black Screen, PSP Shuts offMagical Tetris - Crashes
Marvel Vs Streetfighter - Crashes
Mat Hoffmans Pro Bmx - Crashes
Medal Of Honor - works slow
Medal of Honor Underground working then crashes after a few min in game play
Medievil - Black screen, PSP shuts off
Metal Gear Solid - Doesn't boot.
Metal Gear Solid : VR Missions - turns black, psp shuts off
Metal Slug 1 (JAP) - Works Slow, Enemys weird Colored/disappear, Fonts Weird, wont continue after 1st Mission, Blood Missing
Metal Slug X (JAP) - Black Screen
Megaman Legends - Game loads, capcom intro screen, then some graphical errors, then freezes
Megaman X4 (PAL) - boots up, garbled graphics, psp shuts off
Megaman X5 (PAL) - boots up, white screen, psp shuts off
Megaman X6 (PAL) - boots up, white screen, psp shuts off
Megaman Legends (PAL) - displays copyright message, slowly plays first 2 FMV's (there garbled), freezes, psp shuts off
Megaman 8 (PAL) - boots up, displays copyright message, black screen, psp shuts off
Micro Machines V3 (PAL) - Dont Load
Micro Maniacs - Loads title screen, crashes
Monkey Magic - Crashes
Monster Rancher 2 - Gets to the 'Now Loading' screen, and stays there, don't crash
Mortal Kombat 3 in 1 (Unofficial game) - Gets to the 2nd title screen and freezes
Mortal Kombat 4 (NTSC) - Black Screen after License
Mortal Kombat Trilogy - got to the copyright screen, it went black, then crashed
Mr Domino - Takes you back to the XMB
Mr Driller - Works, screen flashes 5 times when you drill
Music - Crashes
Musashi - Works playable

Naruto - stais in the main and load screen but doesnt start
Nascar 2003 - starts then crashes

nba in the zone 2 - works slow, garbled text but readable
Need For Speed 5 - Crashes
NFL Blitz - works quite okay but the players are invisible and only their shadows are visible
NHL 98 - doesnt work, goes straight to xmb
Nightmare Creatures 2 (NTSC) - Shutdown PSP after Konami Logo

Ogre Battle - Apears "Now loading" a little scrambled then PSP turns OFF

Ogre Tactics - works slow
Omega Boost - Doesn't work, crashes after Sony copyright

Persona - Shows loading screen, then black screen and turns off

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (NTSC) - Memory stick light flashes, then PSP shuts off.
Pong (PAL) - works slow
Porsche Challenge - crashes at start up
Power boat vr racing - black screenQuake 2 (PAL) - Works slow 2-3 fpsRaiden Project - Works slow
Rapid Reload - Works
Rayman - doesn't get past Ubisoft logo
Resident Evil Directors Cut - Send me back to XMB.
Resident Evil 2 Disc 1 - Works slow but has control issues
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (NTSC) - Black Screen after Warning and Capcom Logo
Return Fire - doesnt work
Ridge Racer - Works slow
Ridge Racer (with movies removed) - plays slowly
Ridge Racer 4 R4 - black screen
Ridge Racer Revolution - Black Screen, Shuts off
Rising Zan - Loads the the Agetec intro screen and then crashes
RPG Maker - Black Screen
R-Type Delta - Shows Loading screen
Rockman 2 - Black screen/PSP shuts off
Romance of the three kingdoms 6 - works slow
Rugrats Search for Reptar (PAL) - gets to the loading screen then turns off

Saga Froniter - freezes at squaresoft

Saga Frontier 2 - Black Screen/Turn Off
Scrabble (Usa) - Loads title screen, crashes
Shadow Madness - Don't work
Shockwave Assault - Won't load, just crashes
Silent Hill (PAL) - freeze after violence, konami and KCET Logo
Silloutte Mirage - crashes and shuts psp off instantly
SledStorm - Black screen
Soul Edge - Freezes menu when selected.
Soul Reaver - doesn't load, turns off psp
Soviet Strike - Black Screen, Shuts off
Spyro the Dragon - Black Screen/Turn Off
Spyro the Dragon (PAL) -boots up, black screen, psp shuts off
Spyro 2 - loads up to the sony entertainment black screen and just freezes
Spyro 3 - works slow, long loading time
Star Ocean 2 - Black Screen/Turn Off
Street Fighter EX 2 - works slow
Street Fighter 2 Alpha - Works slowSuikoden 1 - works fine but slow, text is a bit hard to read though
Suikoden II (NTSC) - Works, but is a little slow. Text Garbled
Suikoden II (PAL) - Loads, turns off after konami logo
Super Pang Collection - Black Screen
Surf Riders - black screen
Syphon Filter - Doesn't boot.Tactics Ogre - Turns off
Tekken 2 - works but slow
Tekken 3 - works but slower than tekken 2
Tenchu - loads and shows the ant-piracy screen then goes black and shuts off
The Adventures of Lomax in Lemmingland - Works! Takes forever to load though
The Game Of Life (Usa) - Crashes
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - Capcom screen loads up, shows loading main menu screen, then freezes
Threads Of Fate - Works! Intro scene is loooooong and not skippable but game plays
Thrill Kill (Usa) - Don't load, green light has been on for 5 mins now, not crashed.
Time Crisis - working slow
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2 : Irodoro no Love Song - throwing me back to XMB
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Vol. 3 : Memories Ringing On - Crashed
Tomb Raider - Eidos logo shows, then gets garbled and shuts off
Tomba 1 (Usa) - Works
Tomba 2 (Usa) - Works
Tony Hawks Pro Skater (PAL) - Works around 1 fps and has weird Textures
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (NTSC) - Black Screen
Turbo Prop Racing - crashes
Twisted Metal 3 - Black screen, Crashes PSP
Twisted Metal 4 - Black screen, Crashes PSPUmihara Kawase Shun - Emu crashes

Vagrant Story - slow, crash after the first story scene

Valkyrie Profile (disc 1) - worked! (fonts awful) Very slow
Vandal Hearts 2 - works slow
Vigilante 8 2nd offense - Black screen
V-Rally 2 - loads up untill language selection, then shuts down

Warhawk - Loads "Produce by Sony Enteractive Studios", garbled graphics, then crashes

WCW Mayhem - exits menu to a black screen and stays there
Wild Arms - Reloads XMB
Wild 9 - Freeze at Loading screen
Wing Commander III - Disc 1, Won't load, just crashes
Wing Commander IV - Disc 1, Won't load, just crashes
Wipeout - doesnt work
Wip3out (3) - goes black, then switches off
World's Scariest Police Chases - black screen
Worms Armageddon - goes back to XMB
Worms (original) - works great, just slow
Worms World Party - Black Screen
Wu-Tang Taste the Pain (PAL) - Dont Load (Freezes at Rom Selector)
WWF Attitude - Dont LoadX-Com UFO Defense - Black Screen, Turns off
XenoGears - works

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PSX-P Compatibility List Updated and Sorted by mcshortcut (2024)
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