Taverns and Siege of Al-Merayah – Age of War - Conan Ex... (2024)

The Age of War – Chapter 3 update for Conan Exiles includes a bunch of new features that are part of a series of changes intended to enrich the overall gameplay experience on PvE servers. Two of the most significant new content updates come in the form of the Taverns system, and the Siege of Al-Merayah. An important thing to note here is that although the tavern system is available in both the Exiled Lands and on the Isle of Siptah, you can only experience the Siege of Al-Merayah in the Exiled Lands. On this page, we’ll take you through some of the details for both of these new systems, helping you to understand how you can make the most of them with as little fuss as possible!

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A view of the potential for creating thriving taverns in Conan Exiles. Image: official Funcom media.

The Taverns Update in Conan Exiles

You can engage with the tavern system on both the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah maps, so you don’t have to worry about dedicating yourself to one server over another. With that said, there’s currently a trend of updates in Conan Exiles where the Exiled Lands seem to get more of their fair share, while players on the Isle of Siptah are (relatively speaking) left in the dark. The same applies with the Siege of Al-Merayah, which we’ll discuss more below. It’s for this reason that we’d recommend starting with an Exiled Lands playthrough if you’re just returning to the game, especially if you want to experience the siege!

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In any case, if all you care about is the tavern update, you’ll be able to access it on both maps, but it takes some preparation to get your tavern up and running. One of the first things you’ll need to do is find a Barkeeper thrall. This is a new type of thrall that is currently most reliably found in the cages that you can find in purge camps. We’d recommend doing this first, so you can start the process of breaking them in if necessary, but in most cases, you’ll find that thralls acquired from purge camps are loyal to you automatically. To learn more about the purge system, be sure to check our How the Purge Works page.

Once you have a Barkeeper thrall, all you need to do is construct a Tavern Bar, which you can now find in the Countertops and Bars section of Crafting Stations in the build menu. You’ll need 80 Wood and 10 Iron Reinforcement to make it. As you might have guessed, the bar functions like a crafting station, so you can assign your thrall to it in the same way that you would with any other, such as a blacksmith to a forge. After that, you have all the freedom you could wish for to build around the bar and turn it into a proper tavern (or you can do this first if you prefer, of course!).

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The one thing you need to keep in mind after building a tavern is that you’ll need to place a decent number of seats and tables in a reasonably large space. This will entice NPCs to visit your tavern, and they mostly come in the form of recruitable thralls, or sometimes traders.

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The Siege of Al-Merayah - PvE Siege in the Exiled Lands

As we noted in the introduction, the Siege of Al-Merayah is unfortunately only available in the Exiled Lands. This makes sense when you consider that it’s built around an existing part of the Exiled Lands map, but it’s still a shame that those players who are currently playing through Isle of Siptah won’t be able to experience this new siege system. With any luck, we’ll see an equivalent released for the Isle of Siptah sooner rather than later!

In any case, what this new siege aims to do is introduce an element of the PvP experience to the PvE world. More specifically, this will be the first time that you can engage in a proper siege during a PvE playthrough, similar to those that you can experience in PvP servers against other players. This means that you can do all the fun things to the structure of Al-Merayah that you can’t do to the immovable, indestructible buildings present in most other parts of the map. You can destroy the structure using trebuchets, battering rams, and anything else powerful enough to break the fortress.

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Location of the Siege of Al-Merayah

If you’re not too familiar with the Exiled Lands map and you’re curious about where to find the fortress, see the screenshot below. You can find it just northeast of Mek-Kamoses’s spire, near the center of the map.

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(1 of 2) The location of the Al Merayah fortress in the Exiled Lands, northeast of Mek-Kamoses’ Spire.

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The location of the Al Merayah fortress in the Exiled Lands, northeast of Mek-Kamoses’ Spire. (left), The fortress is heavily guarded from all sides, so you’ll need to plan your attack carefully. (right)

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The whole theme of this update is to provide players with a chance to get some revenge against the Stygians. These are the same forces that have been besieging your base via the Purge system, albeit only when triggered by the player in their current form. You can attack their base of operations alone, with thralls, or with any number of real-life players that you can muster on a PvE server. Attacking the fortress alone is quite the perilous undertaking, especially when you consider the density of fortifications and enemies throughout. However, there are ways to do this without having to fight all the enemies inside, so long as you focus on stealth.

Whatever way you choose to besiege Al-Merayah, each time should be different with new formations of enemies at different points throughout the fortress. However, the final boss will always be the same, and you can even sneak into their chamber at the top of the fortress without having to fight the other enemies, but this will take some climbing expertise! Some of the best loot is in the boss chamber, but you’ll be missing out on a whole lot more if you leave the rest of the fortress untouched, so it’s worth doing it all if you have the time.

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Taverns and Siege of Al-Merayah – Age of War - Conan Ex... (2024)
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