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monDAY September 25, 2006 50 Cents I i JACKSON COUNTY, INDIANA 1LMBUME TTTTTT7 iiliiC Inside SQipiM wesM North Vernon man arrested in Topeka in double slaying case WIRE and STAFF REPORTS Florida authorities plan to extradite Patton to face two counts of capital murder and one count each of theft, burglary and auto Information on Patton's legal representation was unavailable Sunday. "He's coming back here," Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said, "one way or another." On Sept. 10, authorities responded to a fire at the North Fort Myers home of 62-year-old Patricia Perl-man, who was found dead inside. The body of her sister, Judith Ann Lind, 64, of Cape Coral, also was found at the scene, a police news release said. Investigators believe the women were killed and the fire was set in an attempt to cover up their murders.

A car taken from the residence was found abandoned by Fort Lauderdale police on Sept. 16. Lee County authorities said they collected evidence from the home and car including fingerprints that led them to issue an arrest warrant for Patton. Taggart said Patton had spent time in the Jennings County Jail at Vernon. VERNON A North Ver Jennings County Sheriff Earl Taggart said Dayid Richard Patton, 37, was arrested Saturday night in Topeka, and is being held in the Shawnee County jail as a fugitive from non man accused of killing two sisters found dead in a burning home two weeks ago was arrested in Kansas, authorities said.

Community: Crothersville car show Tribune photo by Scott Roberts Owls lose to BNL but beat Madison Seymour split its girls volleyball matches Saturday, beating Madison and losing to Bedford North Lawrence. County tax rate goes up Excess levies may add 4 cents to county tax bill Sports, Page 1B Follow that dollar i JSC Jk with Kid Scoop This week's Kid Scoop takes a look at money. Horizons, Page 6A By AUBREY WOODS Patient Colts beat Jacksonville Jags The Indianapolis Colts' high-scoring offense proved it could be patient, too. Pey ton Manning went into the locker room at half time and tried to not be frustrated after the Colts had only three first-half series and nine offensive plays in the first 27 minutes. Tribune photo by Cheyenne Hackman Jeff Helton (left) and Terry Arp check Arp's Jeep Wrangler at the first car show fundraiser in Crothersville to raise money for next year's Red, White Blue Festival in Crothersville.

Rain throughout the day Saturday dampened turnout Sports, Page 1 obituaries Ram dampens car show Florence Little JL Betty Jean Lovell awoods BROWNSTOWN Salary increases and excess levies outside the general fund will likely spur an increase in Jackson County Is 2007 property tax rate. Jackson County Council voted 6-0 to approve a general fund budget of $8.9 million last week. Excess levies to extend services, if approved by the state department of local government finance, would add 4 cents per $100 assessed value to the tax rate, which would cost the owner of a home valued at $100,000 an additional $4 annually. Councilmen approved an $8.9 million general fund budget, about $800,000 short of the $8.1 million in estimated 2007 property tax and other revenues. See BUDGET, Page 2A By the numbers $8.9 million: Jackson County's 2007 general fund budget 4 cents: Anticipated addition to tax rate to finance excess levies to extend services 32 cents: Advertised county tax rate, although officials expect that to be lowered 23.04 cents: Current county tax rate Event was planned to raise money for Red, White Blue Festival Joan Carol Martin Joann McKain By CHEYENNE HACKMAN Page 3A Weather Crossing.

Both attend the shows together. The Jeep is embossed with a large American flag print over the entire body of the car. Bridges said the committee would meet to decide whether to reschedule the car show because of the weekend rain. "That's up in the air," she said of rescheduling. "After today, we'll go back to the drawing board and see how we did and then talk about rescheduling." The committee served pulled pork and homemade ice cream to visitors who braved the rain.

year after year," she added. Bridges said not only is this the first time for the car show, it's the first time for a festival fundraiser. "We are trying to raise (funds) to keep vendors' rent down and to off-set the cost," she said. One car enthusiast had his Jeep Wrangler sitting under a tent to keep the rain off it and the people who came to look. "We take it to car shows and parades and that was the main purpose of having it," said Jeff Helton of Paris Crossing.

Helton cares for the Jeep, but the owner is Terry Arp of Paris GROTHERSVILLE A car show and rain don't mix just ask Sherry Bridges. Bridges is the Crothersville Red, White Blue Festival committee chairwoman and organizer of the first car show held Saturday to raise funds for next summer's festival. "This is the first time," Bridges said of the car show fundraiser. "To put on a festival is very expensive and the cost goes up Tonight: Clear. Low49 Tomorrow: Sunny.

High72, Low53 Wednesday: Cloudy. High75, Low59 Forecast: Page 2A Index CHOICE protests 5B-6B Comics 7B 6A Nation 8 illegal against Obituaries 3A Opinion 4A Record Book. 3A tl 1 If-' Sports 1B-4B State 3A Television Listings 4B World 8B immigrants in U.S. Says illegals threaten jobs, future Inside By CHEYENNE HACKMAN Congress comes up short when it comes time to pay for border bills. Nation, Page 8A BROWNSTOWN Sever al members of the Coalition FREEDOM COMMUNICATIONS.

INC. of Hoosiers for Order of Tribune photo by Cheyenne Hackman Immigration Control and ft'tembers of held a protest Saturday at the Jackson County CourtiiouM in Crownstown. The TTufureTHStrong focused on illegal Immigration. The group has several others scheduled around the area In coming months. iniorcemeni gatnereu in Brownstown to protest illegal immigration Saturday.

Our purpose: Connecting people. Building community. Improving life. Even though the weather didn't allow for a dry day, I ll'll the purpose of the protest. "People are coming over and taking jobs and it's taking the younger kids' future away." Strong said the group contends jobs in Seymour, and America, get slimmer each day.

"If America would pull people know what they're to America," she said. "It's like letting convicts out of jail. That's basically what they're doing." Brittany Humphrey of Seymour, referred, to the See CHOICE, Page 2A Debbie Mellema, a resident of Indianapolis, also said she believes illegal immigration is hurting America's future and attended the protest to show her support for what the group believes. "I'm just wanting to let together on this, I think it'd have a big effect," he said. Despite much controversy on immigration, Strong said the response had been great during the protest.

"There's been quite a bit of people putting their thumbs up and honking," he said. members still stood outside the courthouse for nearly five hours to show support for the group, member John Strong said. f- "It's important for Ameri- 111 i 18759 11 30001 til lltilll i I I 1 I i i -J.

The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana (2024)
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